How this fits our mission at Game Changing Benefits

Estate Planning Success fits well with our efforts to protect your health (Medicare, other insurance), Retirement (Annuities, Universal Life, more), final expenses and financial legacy (life insurance), and more.

Our mission is dedicated to getting the future right, and so is Estate Planning Success.

You’ll be helped by experienced professionals who bring a caring attitude and determination to work with them every day.

What we offer to make your estate planning first rate
Estate planning is more than one thing, and we assist with all the elements that make up your personal financial legacy.

This includes getting wills drawn up, creating trusts, tax planning, and more.

Plus, our top-level professionals can look at your entire situation to make sure you have everything you need to make your estate plan a success.

WHY our estate planning assistance may be essential for you!

Insufficient or no estate planning can mean:

  • Your family may not know where to look for key documents.
  • You may not have secondary beneficiaries or alternative trustees to accept assets or assist with the process.
  • A court could end up controlling your legacy by distributing your property.
  • Your plan may not keep up with the changing content and value of your estate.

Find out how great estate planning can protect your legacy and work for you and your loved ones. Visit our contact us page to complete our form, call 972-331-1060 or send an email to to get started.

This website is not intended to be used as legal advice. To prepare your estate strategy please consult with a legal and tax professional.